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Construction Law
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In recent years the construction industry has experienced booms in building projects and the development is still growing. Disputes and claims can arise that lead to legal conflicts between the parties due to the complexity of the construction process and the number of resources. Parties involved in the construction business such as the developers, designers, general contractors and subcontractors may need to hire experienced construction law lawyers at any point of the process from the project negotiation to post construction to help protect their interests.

Our lawyers have accumulated years of experience and have a strong record in construction law. We have made a name as one of the top construction law firms in the state and remain a key player in the construction market. We are regarded to be well equipped in providing expert legal services in areas of construction and mechanics liens, construction defects, construction accidents, contractor/subcontractor issues, bonds, liens, lien enforcements and bid protests.

We have represented construction industry clients in civil suits as well as administrative proceedings and have access to some of the top technical experts in the construction field which helps us to analyze all outstanding issues and represent your interests. We believe in developing strong working relationships with other parties involved in the project to guarantee success.

If you are experiencing difficulties regarding construction law, our lawyers are ready to assist you based on our experience of successfully representing clients in construction law cases.

Construction Law

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Our legal team has been helping construction industry clients since 2007 – from general contractors to subcontractors and owners. We have earned a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible and cost-effective legal and business solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer an outstanding team of business litigation and trial lawyers practicing in construction law and civil litigation. We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm practice, treating each case with care and consideration, while being abreast of the latest developments in our chosen field of civil law practice. No case is too big or too complicated.

If you have a legal problem, from a sole proprietorship to a publicly traded corporation, our legal experts can help you find a solution.

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