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Practice Areas
Practice Areas

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We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued equally. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise, from business litigation to money management for financial credit facilitation.

We are committed to building a solid reputable civil law practice based on our quality of work and the results we obtain in large and complex litigation. We also undertake corporate law and international business law practice for many clients. In our litigation practice, we take most cases on a contingency basis – No fees unless you recover. Other fee structures maybe adopted, depending on the nature of the case. We have a clear vision of where ethical lines are drawn, and we strictly adhere to them. We are firm advocates of our clients’ causes, and we believe that the best results are obtained when ethical principles are upheld.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, we guarantee not to lose for lack of efforts.

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Areas Of Practice

Construction Law

In recent years the construction industry has experienced booms in building projects and the development is still growing. Disputes and claims can arise that lead to legal conflicts between. . .

Business Litigation

Business law, is a body of law that applies to the rights and obligations of persons and businesses. Corporations often face a complex range of disputes with other stakeholders involved. . .

Personal Injury Law

An unexpected, serious injury can gravely affect your life and leave you with expensive medical treatments to worry about. Tension often run high in such cases but your only focus should. . .

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